Welcome to Hennessy Embroidery

Welcome to my boutique of machine embroidery designs digitized exclusively by me for your fashion and home decorating. You can shop my on-line store anytime for instant download and immediate gratification.  Free designs can be found on a variety of my pages at Oregon Patchworks.

New. Butterfly Flowers. Abstract designs that sometimes resemble flowers and sometimes butterflies. Additional outlines to allow for Mylar or other sparkly stuff. More Bugs and Butterflies here.

machine embroidery designs butterfly flowers Mylar

New. Affectionate Hearts. Perfect for wearing on your sleeve. See more Love and Hearts here.

machine embroidery designs heart love

New. Artistic Animals. Pig, rooster, hen, duck, ram, cow, horse, donkey, cat and rabbit. Imagine using these designs in a barnyard theme project. See more Animal Designs here.

machine embroidery designs cow

New. Zodiac Circles.  Twelve astronomical symbols representing the zodiac constellations commonly used for horoscopes. The lines stitched behind the symbols are continuous, so you can stitch the circle pattern without the symbol if desired. See more Sun and Moon Designs here.

machine embroidery designs zodiac horoscope

New. Knotwork Circles. Abstract line designs are great for teens who are too cool for flowers! See more Celtic style designs here.

Machine embroidery designs knotwork

New. 12 Days of Christmas Quilting Lines. Yes, I know it’s not even Christmas in July, but this set is ready to be released. See more Christmas and Winter here.

machine embroidery designs dove

New. Hidden Animals. Hiding in the leaves are ten different animals – cougar, giraffe, swan, lion cub, horse, deer, wolf, bison, elephant and bear. See more Animal designs here.

machine embroidery design wolf

New. Kitchen Table. The kitchen table in my house is used for all kinds of things from morning coffee, homework and of course meals. More Food, Drink and Home designs here.

machine embroidery designs knitting

New. Modern Knotwork Creatures. Free sample on the page if you click through. More Celtic Style designs here.

machine embroidery design frog

New. Saltwater Stickers. Perfect for your ocean theme decor. More Islands, boats and Sea theme designs here.

machine embroidery design fish

New. Creatures of Legend. I’m not sure what all of them are but there is a mermaid, unicorn, dragon and phoenix for sure. A similar set “Imaginary Creatures” can be found here.

machine embroidery designs legendary creatures


My digitizing philosophy is similar to the Golden Rule: “Do onto others as you would wish them do onto you.” I work hard to eliminate unnecessary color changes, tiny jump stitches and stitching over jumps while maintaining the look of the original artwork. My designs cover all kinds of subjects including animals, flowers and boys toys. Design types include redwork or line designs, free standing lace, applique, fill stitch, designs for mylar, quilt blocks and my own technique, Thread Blending.

My designs can also be found in the Silver Needle, Golden Thread Club, selected samplers that are free with minimum purchase and the Free Members Only Club (exclusive designs), all found at Oregon Patchworks.

All designs are instant download through Oregon Patchworks. Need a different format? Order PES and Oregon Patchworks will convert free of charge.

Justine Hennessy

Henn_Stitching at yahoo dot com