Redwork Calla Lily HE197 198 199 200

Did you know the Calla Lily is not really a true Lily but a member of the Zantedeschia family, native to South Africa. This showy flower is popular with brides. Plant breeders have developed a large range of colors from white to pinks and yellows. This set consists of 12 continuous line one color Calla Lily designs, digitized with a double run of triple stitch. Choose from 3 different block sizes – 84mm square for the 4×4 hoop, 127mm square for the 5×7 hoop and 178mm square for the 8×8 hoop. If you can’t decide which hoop size to buy, consider the set with all 3 hoop sizes included. If you have the 8×8 hoop, you can combine 4 of the 84mm designs for additional 178mm square designs.  Semi exclusive artwork from Clipartopolis.


HE200 All 3 hoops Price $20.00

HE197 4×4 hoop Price $12.00

HE198 5×5 hoop Price $12.00

HE199 7×7 hoop Price $12.00