Redwork Hibiscus Block HE170 HE171 HE172 HE173

Hibiscus plants have beautiful showy flowers, most often associated with Hawaii. Did you know the flower is used to make teas and drinks in many parts of the world including Mexico, Jamaica and Panama. And if you have tried any of the Zinger teas put out by a major herbal tea company, you have enjoyed Hibiscus blossoms.  Set consists of 12 continuous line one color Hibiscus designs, digitized with a redwork stitch. Choose from 3 different block sizes – 84mm square for the 4×4 hoop, 127mm square for the 5×7 hoop and 178mm square for the 8×8 hoop. If you can’t decide which hoop size to buy, consider the set with all 3 hoop sizes included. If you have the 8×8 hoop, you can combine 4 of the 84mm designs for additional 178mm square designs.  Semi exclusive artwork from Clipartopolis.

HE173 All 3 Hoops Price $20.00
Price $20.00

HE172 8×8 Price $12.00
Price $12.00

HE171 5×7 Price $12.00
Price $12.00

HE170 4×4 Price $12.00
Price $12.00