Ice Cream HE134

Ice Cream! It is my first dessert choice. I worked for an Ice Cream Parlor during college so working up this set was a bit of a trip down memory lane. I will bet you have some great memories associated with ice cream too. I designed this set as raw edge applique that can be stitched with fabric, organza and Mylar. There are 10 designs in the set for the 4×4 hoop. Instructions included. Semi-exclusive artwork from Clipartoon.

I bought my Mylar for testing from Heirlooms by Sharon. Sharon has tested her Mylar for wash-ability but I recommend you test it for yourself. If you want to use Mylar on a garment that will be washed or ironed frequently, you may want to test it thoroughly first. It is also recommended not to use Mylar on baby items.


Price $18.00