Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I buy your designs? How are the designs delivered to me? 

My designs are currently available only on this website or at Oregon Patchworks. All purchases are processed through Oregon Patchworks. If you wish to order designs without using PayPal, please use this order form.

When your payment through PayPal is complete, you will receive an email with download links for your designs If you have any problems or additional questions, please feel free to send an email to Henn_Stitching

2.  Do you have any free designs I can try?

Yes. Free sample designs are scattered in various sets on the Oregon Patchworks site. I also contribute designs to the Free Members Only Club at Oregon Patchworks.

3.  What machine formats are available?

Designs are currently available in PES, JEF and HUS.

4.  How do I know what format I need?

Please check with your dealer or the manual that came with your embroidery machine.

5.  Can I share or resell your designs?

No. Please respect my copyright and terms of use. If a friend would like a free design, please direct them to the link where they can download it themselves. If you are an individual selling craft items, you may use stitched out designs on your finished product. Please give me credit for the designs in your advertising or website pages.

6.  The thread colors shown by my machine don’t match the picture. Why?

Every brand of embroidery machine saves color information in the design files differently. On top of that, there are many different brands of thread. While all digitizers would like to provide accurate color information in the design files, it just is not possible to know what brand of machine you will be using or what brand of thread. That is why every one of my designs has a matching txt file. If you open that file you will find the colors that I used when digitizing the design. Feel free to ignore the colors your machine recommends and use these colors or any other colors of your choosing instead.

7.  How do you create your designs?

All of my designs are created manually in Embird or in Generations. The artwork comes from a variety of sources, please see the artwork links page. All designs are extensively tested in PES or DST format.

My customers are very creative and I always welcome ideas for new designs. Project pictures that I can post on the website are always appreciated.

8. Can I resize your designs? Can I add text or other elements to my final stitchout?

I have not tested my designs at any other size and can not guarantee you will have satisfactory results. I make frequent use of patterned fill and motif stitches and these types of stitches often do not always resize properly, sometimes even reverting to plain fill depending on the software or machine used for resizing. If you choose to resize any of my designs, please test them first before stitching out your final project.

Feel free to combine my designs with text or other designs for your own use. You may not sell my designs combined with any other elements.

9. Are any of your designs available for hand embroidery or to use as graphics?

Designs that are based on my own artwork may be available for other uses – please contact me for details. The terms of use for artwork licensed or purchased from other artists/websites does not allow me to provide my customers with any other product than machine embroidery designs. If you wish to use artwork from non-exclusive designs on my site for another purpose, please contact the original artist. Credit for the artwork is listed with each set and the links may be found on the artwork links page. Artwork that was sold as exclusive or semi-exclusive or time limited will most likely not be available.